ESG Vision

FST continuously strives towards the sustainable development based on ESG Management.

Ethical Management

FST is becoming a first-class company through ethical management.

A company, as a member of society, should fundamentally possess a recognition of ethical responsibility, and adopt autonomous corporate ethical compliance as a guiding principle in its management activities. In other words, it refers to activities that prioritize ethical considerations when conflicts arise between the pursuit of interests by companies or individuals and corporate ethics. This concept originates from the understanding that although engaging in unethical behavior may bring short-term gains to the company, it could pose a threat to the sustained existence of the enterprise.

고객, 거래, 회사, 국가, 임진원
The responsibility and obligation
toward customers
With the recognition that customers are the reason for the company's existence and its ultimate goal, all activities are approached and decided upon from the customer's perspective, aiming to maximize customer benefits and secure unwavering trust from customers.
Fair competition and transactions
Based on the principles of free competition in the era of globalization and fair trade, we respect the local regulations and culture, secure a competitive advantage through fair means, and establish mutual trust and cooperative relationships through fair and transparent transactions.
Responsibility and Duty towards Employees
The company contributes to the development of the national economy through sound growth achieved by conducting business reasonably, protects the interests of shareholders, and contributes to the prosperity of the people and the development of society.
Employee Code of Conduct

Employees should recognize that adherence to their fundamental duties can prevent unethical and illegal conduct.

In the event of discovering unethical or illegal behavior, employees must report it to executives, department heads(or team leaders), and the HR team.

The Employee Code of Conduct is not a prescriptive set of rules imposed externally but a voluntary commitment by each FST employee to always be mindful and vigilant about unethical and illegal conduct. It should be ingrained in their consciousness as a personal commitment and a way of life, and employees should always strive to embody it.


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