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DCT overview

Technology-intensive research and development of related equipment for the industry's best technology in a row is a new division.

DCT (New Product Development)

EUVO™, one of the main products developed by our DCT division,
is the light source for EUV lithography infrastructure and is expected to be
regarded as the next generation of lithography progress. As a light source for
EUV Metrology, EUVO™ has already been sold to local enterprises and
universities and has received positive reviews for its high quality from various
EUV specialized agencies.
Along with the development of EUVO™, DCT division is also engaged in
extensive R&D activities to develop various other applications needed for the
next generation lithography process. In preparation for mass production of EUV,
DCT Division strives to become the world's best EUV solution provider, thereby
brightening the future of FST.