Laser Annealing System

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Laser Annealing System

The Local Laser Annealing system series, High-power laser beam is using for the local heat treatment of various thin films in response to multiple applications. The laser beam energy distribution to the desired shape (square, rectangle, circle, etc.) or with laser beam forming technology. High throughput with precision stage for the R&D and manufacturing.


               Annealing process                                        Optical design                                 Local laser annealing system

> Various type of beam forming

  • Laser optical designs
  • Laser uniformity <5%.
  • Top hat beam and edge steepness <20㎛ per side.
  • Output feedback control of wafer temperature measurement with laser condition.
  • WLA (Wafer/substrate local laser anneal)
  • Local area pattern correction
  • Local transistor repair (Vt adjustment or fuse repair)
  • FPD: Local solder reflow process, laser (Flexible display)
  • Local bonding/deboning for the adhesive film
  • Wafer/substrate laser marking
System monitoring
  • Depth measurement system for wafer/substrate
  • Real time laser power monitoring (shot to shot monitoring)
  • Laser beam profiler & check the CCD image for uniformity
  • Wafer/substrate flatness measurement system
  • Wafer/substrate temperature monitoring system

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