In addition to our leading products, such as the pellicle and chiller, FST is striving to develop element technologies to prepare for the future. We especially focus on securing technologies related to laser application technology and optic-based inspection/measurement. Through the research of the following element technologies, our technology research center is playing an incubating role for the commercialization of each R&D item.

R&D Technology

  • EUV light source
    manufacturing technology

    Femto-second laser operation technology

    Light source fabrication technology of EUV (13.5nm) wavelength

    Laser and EUV optical system operating technology

    Vacuum technology

    Used for EUV mask inspection and microscopy

  • Fine line width
    measurement technology

    High-resolution optical system

    Fast auto focus function

    Stable measurement algorithm

    Fast and accurate stage motion

  • Laser Cutting /
    Annealing technology

    High performance laser optical system

    Stable laser beam control

    Wafer and Glass Cutting / Annealing

    Minimization of sample damage by heat

  • Semiconductor photomask
    inspection technology

    MASK Handling technology

    Mask / Pellicle inspection

    Round inspection technology (motion / camera synchronization technology)

    Profiling technology using Confocal

  • High performance
    Dicing Saw technology

    Precision stage production technology

    Simple and convenient operation UI program

    Automatic Aligning without pattern registration

    Kerf automatic calibration and cutting technology